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Falling for the Billionaire is a standalone book that features characters from the One Night Stand, Falling For My Best Friend's Brother, and Falling For My Boss books. However, you do not need to have read those books to read Falling For the Billionaire.


“A man like me takes what he wants when he wants it.” Henry said as he undid his tie and threw it to the ground.
“I see.”
“Do you?” He asked as he stepped forward and I watched as he undid the buttons of his crisp white shirt one by one.
“Yes.” I nodded, swallowing hard as I stared at his olive chest skin as he took his shirt off and threw it next to his tie. “What are you doing?” I asked him, my eyes widening as his fingers fell to his belt and I watched as he removed his belt as deftly as he’d removed his tie.
“What does it look like?” He licked his lips and smirked at me.
“Why are you taking your clothes off?”
“Why do you think?” He said as he bent down and removed his dark navy slacks. He stood in front of me, almost naked, only his white boxer briefs stopping him from baring all.
“Henry.” I said, as my head started to spin. My throat felt dry as I stared at him. Boy was he sexy.
“Yes?” He said and he smiled, a big wide smile, before stepping out of his boxer shorts. He was naked now. Completely and utterly naked. My gaze fell to his cock. I swallowed again as I took it in. He was big, magnificent almost. I couldn’t believe he had just gotten naked in front of me. He was way too comfortable with me. I had to nip this in the bud before he went too far.
“Henry.” I said and took a step back. I groaned as I felt the wall behind me. He’d backed me into a corner, just as he’d planned, I was almost sure that he had me exactly where he wanted me.
“Yes Lacey?” He said, his green eyes piercing mine knowingly.
“What are you doing?”
“Showing you how easy it is to let go.” He said and I watched as he slammed the door shut and turned the lock. “Ready?”

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