Review/Reseña: Fire and Ice (Sticks & Hearts, #2) by Rhonda James

Fire and Ice (Sticks & Hearts, #2)Fire and Ice by Rhonda James
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Derek and Laney met when she ran out from a wedding where her ex-boyfriend was and elevator she saw a Derek who is in town for a job interview. She followed him and got in his room and the began a weird chat and they were going to have sex
“I promise if you’ll allow yourself to spend just one night in my bed, you won’t wake up hating yourself.”

BUT he had a call from his mother and then she ran out. There all began.
If you want to know how they got together you'll have to read the book ;)

He so understanding, sweet, but also he sooo dirty. The kind of man you fall in love quickly

“I can’t stop staring at you. You’re so beautiful, Laney. I love how soft your skin feels beneath my calloused fingers. How your mouth tastes of tequila. I just want to stay here and get drunk on you.”

Loving someone that much can be dangerous. But it can also be beautiful and spontaneous.

She has some problems in her life and thoses make her have a low self-esteem
And working in thoses problem and get over them is the way their relationship is based, becauses they didn't give up with it, they learned about what real love is
I liked the book but it didn't catch me.

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Derek y Laney se conocieron cuando ella huye de una boda donde su ex-novio esta. Ella ve a Derek en el elevador y lo sigue a su cuarto donde comienzan una conversación extraña e iba a tener sexo, PERO él tuvo una llamada de su madre y ella huyó.

Si quieres saber como ellos se juntan tendrás que leer el libro ;)

Él es tan comprensivo, dulce, pero también muuuuy sucio

Ella tiene algunos problemas en su vida y esos la hacen tener problemas de autoestima.

Me gustó el libro, pero no me atrapó

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